Plans for NA MAGHA STARS IN THEIR EYES are well advanced. Tickets a fiver from club members. Last three spaces for acts available. Singers? Duet? Maybe a magician. Or acrobats. Contact Robert, Michelle or James. Make it a night out with family and friends. Perfect bonding session... more →

Fundraiser – Sponsored Walk Around the City Walls

Event to be rescheduled – provisionally February 2018. Sponsored Walk organised for all juvenile groups and club members, family and friends. This is a cultural social event while also raising club funds. Sponsor sheets available from parent rep/fundraising sub group. more →

2017 Pre-AGM meeting

2017 Pre-AGM meeting for executive members will be held in the clubhouse. Nominations and motions to be submitted to club secretary by 12 noon on 26th October 2017. more →
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